Voice Over Mistakes Commonly Related to Voice Over are Correctable as Examined by Professional Voice Over Artist Rick Blade.

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Voice over mistakes commonly related to voice over are correctable.

Voice over mistakes commonly related to voice over that are correctable involve voice pitch, mouth noise, microphone technique, word pronunciation, following direction, and business etiquette. Each of these areas for potential difficulty and resulting frustration for the voice actor (and sometimes the client) should come under close scrutiny when there's room for improvement, which can more often than not be the case until adjustments are made and a uniform balance is achieved. Addressing the proper use of voice pitch, if it goes up and down like a roller coaster, the results will sound sing-song. However, if the pitch variation is controlled, some fluctuation lends to a more natural sounding voice over. How the voice over script is written also affects the use of voice pitch, which is raised or lowered depending on the words and where they appear in the phrase or sentence structure. Increased read speed can raise pitch and must be regulated if sounding like a chipmunk on uppers is not the desired outcome. Voice pitch and the energy level of delivery can be varied together for word emphasis. Overall, pitch can be an asset or a distraction and must be properly controlled for maximum effect.

Pertaining to mouth noise, the annoying clicks, slurps, and plosives. Clicks occur from dryness or sticky tongue and can be remedied by hydration. Drinking water mixed with lemon juice as some have suggested, or plain water, sufficient lubrication is key during the recording session. Mouth clicks are a common affliction in voice over, and can detract from the final audio if not avoided or removed by editing software. Slurps are usually caused by excess saliva, oversized tongues, missing teeth, or a combination of the three. To alleviate or preferably eliminate this noise, perhaps a visit to the dentist is in order. Plosives or "popping" sounds caused by excess breath when pronouncing hard consonants can be avoided with proper microphone technique, breath control, and diffused by pop-filters. Knowing the microphone's performance, being conscious of where one's mouth is in respect to the mic's sensitivity range, and being aware of where one is in the script will help prevent plosives. Turning the head slightly and momentarily in advance of a hard consonant is part of effective microphone technique. Breathing from the gut for maximum air intake and then expelling just the right amount for hard consonants reduces the occurrence of pops. Pronouncing words that begin with "S" when excessive hissing noises may occur, can be controlled by training the tongue in relation to pressure against the back of the upper front teeth. Hissing words that begin with "SH" or "CH" can be quieted by again releasing less breath.

Regarding pronunciation, there are words which can be pronounced two ways. Take "data" or "neither" for instance, which is the most commonly used version of each? Webster's dictionary will provide the correct way to say them. Another voice over mistake is not following voice direction when given and being a condition for getting the gig, whether contacted directly at one's voice over website, or through a "pay-to-play" talent pool site after being selected based on an audition. Understandably, many established and credible voice over talent online prefer not to be "coached" during the recording session since experience has been the best teacher and would like to be recognized for this knowledge, in contrast to many clients not knowing for certain what they really want. Written voice direction that can be questioned and absorbed in advance may actually be the best option, especially for voice over delivered online from a home voice over studio. In the event of any retakes still necessary after the fact, they can be addressed at that juncture. In spite of the respect due clients, the willingness of both sides to compromise is the ideal business relationship. A mutual balance makes the most sense. Losing patience, questionable attitude, and insufficient communication is poor business etiquette. Neither side should shirk responsibility or accountability once an agreement has been reached. A surefire way to avoid additional expense and delay due to rereads is to go with an affordable voice over professional who knows what's important to ask prior to recording. Listen to our voice over demo reel above, then contact us about our competitive voice over rates. Our work speaks volumes for itself, and we've got your back when you need answers NOW pertaining your all important voice over project!


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