Car Voice Overs, Automotive Voice Overs, and Car Commercial Voice Overs by Professional Car Voice Over Actor Rick Blade.

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Car voice overs, automotive voice overs, and car commercial voice overs by professional car voice over actor.

Car voice overs, automotive voice overs, and car commercial voice overs offered by professional car voice over actor Rick Blade. Check out our car commercial voice over demos above, then CONTACT US TODAY for your next car voice overs project. Your time is valuable, so don't wait! Car commercial voice overs and automotive voice overs are among our specialties. Though we're not found on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, our voice over talent is very much comparable, and we won't cost you an arm and a leg! Speaking of which, what do Matthew McConaughey, Robert Downey Jr., Kevin Spacey, Kiefer Sutherland, Donald Sutherland, Sam Elliott, Tim Allen, John Cusack, Jeff Bridges, Matt Dillon, Richard Thomas, James Spader, James Remar, Denis Leary, Bronson Pinchot, Ron Livingston, Michael C. Hall, and Jon Hamm all have in common? Fame, fortune, learjets, rehab? If you said celebrity voices taking over car commercials for Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Chrysler, Honda, Volvo, Acura, Dodge, Pontiac, and Toyota to name a few, then you have good ears. While these people are for the most part visibly recognizable on the street, they would not be readily identified at first by just hearing their voice over. Why are they being used so often for TV car commercials? Certainly not because their services are cheap. Most likely the reason is for branding.

Highly successful advertising relies on associating a product with a name that is easily remembered. One that stirs up excitement, hence triggering buying impulses at the mere mention of the name. Automobiles are no exception. Car advertising is challenging, particularly marketing the make and models sporting a high price tag. That's it in a nutshell. Two ways to look at the history of auto advertising. Up to this point, car commercials routinely took the in-your-face hard-sell approach, which if could be bottled then tossed into an army of mothers-in-law, it would bring them to their knees. This approach has since been tempered by the suave, smooth, sophisticated, GQ approach that we have today. So what's missing? Women. Although BMW used Patricia Clarkson before, and Cadillac spots enlisted Kate Walsh, the current slew of TV ads is missing female voices. Enjoy the dudes in the meanwhile, but keep your ears open for the sexy, sultry sirens in the future.

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